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12V 35Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery with FP terminals Standard Jar
"Length 7.80 inches, Width 5.12 inches, Height 6.22 inches with FP-12 terminals"
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12 Months warranty.

Part Number:  BC1235P0SFP
Voltage  12 V
Capacity (20 hr rate)  35.0 Ah
Weight  27.56 lbs
Length  7.80 inches
Width  5.12 inches
Height  6.22 inches
Color  N/A
Maximum Charge current  10.5 A
Type  Valve Regulated Lead
  Acid battery (VRLA)
Terminals  FP-12
Standard Jar 

Detailed Specification: (The terminal type shown in the Specification is of different type)

This product can also be used as replacement in the following model equipment and batteries.

21st Century Scienti 1BB,  21st Century Scienti AGM1248T, ADC Scooters WENZELITE, ADI / Ademco PWPS12330, AM Scooters AGM1234T, Abec Wheelchairs 40, Abec Wheelchairs AGM1234T, Abec Wheelchairs SCOOTA BUG, Abec Wheelchairs SCOOTA PLUS, Abec Wheelchairs SCOOTA, Abec Wheelchairs STERLING, Abec Wheelchairs TARGA 14", Air Shields Medical 77 TRANSPORT INCUBATOR, Air Shields Medical TRANSPORT INCUBATR, Alpha Technology PS12300, Alpha Technology SB1228, Alpha Technology UPS125, Alpha Technology UPS1295, Alpha Unlimited Scoo TRICART, Amigo Scooters FRONT WHEEL DRIVE, Aviall A25, Aviall G252N, B & B Battery BP3312, Batteries Plus CLTXPA1235, Batteries Plus CLTXPA1235C, Battery-Biz B633, Best Technologies 1295, Best Technologies BA12, Best Technologies BA41, Best Technologies BA45, Best Technologies BA53, Best Technologies BAT0053, Best Technologies BAT0065, Best Technologies BATA012, Best Technologies BATA041, Best Technologies BATA045, Best Technologies BATA053, Best Technologies FC7.5KVA, Best Technologies FD43KVA, Best Technologies FE500VA, Best Technologies FE700, Best Technologies FERRUPS FE500VA, Best Technologies MC1.5KVA041, Best Technologies MD1.5KVA, Best Technologies MD1KVA, Best Technologies MD2KVA, Best Technologies ME2.1KVA, Best Technologies ME500VA, Best Technologies ME700VA, Best Technologies ME850VA, Best Technologies MX1KVA, Best Technologies MX1KVA10C, Best Technologies QMD15KVA, Best Technologies QMD1KVA, Best Technologies QMD2KVA, Best Technologies QMX1KVA, Best Technologies QRM15KVA, Best Technologies QRM1KVA, Best Technologies QRM2KVA, Best Technologies RM1.5KVA, Best Technologies RM1KVA, Best Technologies RM2KVA, Boston Scientific Co 1300M INTRA/AORTA BALLON PUMP, Bruno AGM1234T, Bruno REGAL, Burke SCOUT, C & D Batteries LS1225, CSB Battery GH12340, Chloride 1000010110, Chloride 6VA7, Clockmate Batteries PSLA1231, Computer Accessories PWR SAVER 800, Concorde GPC1234, Concorde R1234, Dignified Products AGM1234T, Dignified Products BUTLER, Dignified Products CHAUFFEUR, Douglas DG12032, Douglas DG1230, Douglas DG1232, Douglas DG1232JH, Douglas DG1245, Dual Lite 100BVC, Dual Lite 12EDCX100BVC, Dual Lite 12EDX100BVC, Dual Lite DEDA, Dyna Cell U1, Dyna Cell U131, Dyna Cell U132, Dyna Cell WP3112, Dyna Cell WP3312, EF Brewer Scooters AGM1234T, EF Brewer Scooters PORTASCOOT, ELS EDS12310, ELS EDS12330, Electric Mobility Sc AGM1234T, Electric Mobility Sc DELUXE CYCLE CHAIR, Electric Mobility Sc DF45, Electric Mobility Sc LITTLE RASCAL CYCLE CHAIR, Electric Mobility Sc LITTLE RASCAL, Electric Mobility Sc STANDARD RASCAL, Emergi-Lite 1LC1002HD, Emergi-Lite LC1002, Everest & Jennings W 14 GROWING 3P3W, Everest & Jennings W 14 GROWING MARATHON, Everest & Jennings W 3N, Everest & Jennings W 3P KIDS, Everest & Jennings W 3W KIDS, Everest & Jennings W AGM1234T, Everest & Jennings W AGM1248T, Everest & Jennings W CARETTE TRI WHEELER, Everest & Jennings W EXCALIBUR, Everest & Jennings W EXPLORER, Everest & Jennings W HOT WHEELS KID POWER, Everest & Jennings W MAGNUM POWER RECLINER, Everest & Jennings W MAGNUM, Everest & Jennings W MARATHON KIDS, Everest & Jennings W MARATHON LE, Everest & Jennings W MARATHON, Everest & Jennings W MOBIE, Everest & Jennings W MOBILE STAND AID, Everest & Jennings W MODEL 32, Everest & Jennings W MODEL 34B SABRE, Everest & Jennings W MODEL 3H, Everest & Jennings W MODEL 3N TEMPEST, Everest & Jennings W MODEL 3P, Everest & Jennings W MODEL 3V, Everest & Jennings W MODEL 3W, Everest & Jennings W PACER ALPHA UNITED, Everest & Jennings W PACER, Everest & Jennings W TEMPEST, Everest & Jennings W TRAVELER QUEST, Everest & Jennings W TRAVELER SPRINT, Fire Control Instrum 1002610A, Fire Control Instrum B31, Fire Lite GC128, Fortress Scientific 1000FS, Fortress Scientific 1600ACV THERADYNE, Fortress Scientific 2000FS, Fortress Scientific 2001LX, Fortress Scientific 2200FS, Fortress Scientific 655, Fortress Scientific 655FS, Fortress Scientific 755F1000FS VOYAGER, Fortress Scientific 760, Fortress Scientific 760N, Fortress Scientific 760V, Fortress Scientific AGM1234, Fortress Scientific AGM1248T, Fortress Scientific AGM1265T, Fortress Scientific AGM1280T, Fortress Scientific COMMUTER, Fortress Scientific KIDS COMMUTER, Fortress Scientific SPIRIT VICTORY, G12330, GFX GFNP3512, GS Battery PE12V33B1, Gendro-Solo AGM1248T, Gendro-Solo STEEP CLIMBER, Global Research AGM1234T, Global Research GALAXY, Global Research STARLIGTH, Global Yuasa Batteri ES3012, Golden Technology AGM1234T, Golden Technology AGM1248T, Golden Technology REGENT SCOOTER STERLING, Golden Technology SCOOTA BUG, Golf Technologies FREEDOM 2000, Guardian Products HOYER LIFTER, Hi Light 3907, Hoveround AGM1234T, Hoveround ALL MODELS, Hubbell 702836, Hubbell HP12150, Hubbell HP121502P12KDR, Hubbell IMF12150, Independence Wheelch AGM1234T, Independence Wheelch SIERRA, Interstate ASLA1156, Intex Scooters ALEXIS, Invacare ACTION ARROW, Invacare ACTION RANGER II, Invacare ACTION RANGER, Invacare ACTION XT, Invacare AGM1234T, Invacare AGM1248T, Invacare AGM1265T, Invacare AGM1280T, Invacare ARROW XT, Invacare DART RUNABOUT, Invacare JAGUAR POWER 9000, Invacare JAGUAR RABBIT XC, Invacare TRI ROLLS, Invacare TRI SCOOT I, Invacare TRI SCOOT II, Invacare Wheelchairs ACTIN 16", Invacare Wheelchairs ACTION 14", Invacare Wheelchairs ACTION NARROW, Invacare Wheelchairs ACTION, Invacare Wheelchairs DART, Invacare Wheelchairs JAGUAR, Invacare Wheelchairs RABBIT, Invacare Wheelchairs RUNABOUT, Invacare Wheelchairs TRIROLLS 1, Invacare Wheelchairs TRIROLLS, Invacare Wheelchairs TURBO, Invacare Wheelchairs U1 GELL, Invacare Wheelchairs U1 SEALED, Johnson Controls GC12V45BS, Johnson Controls MPS1233, Johnson Controls U128, Johnson Controls U131, Johnson Controls U133, Johnson Controls U31, Johnson Controls UPS1295, Johnson Controls UPS31, Johnson Controls UPS42, Jolt Batteries SA12350A, Jump N Carry JC950, Koyo NP3312, Leisure Lift AGM1234T, Leisure Lift PACE SAVER CHAIR, Leisure Lift PACE SAVER SCOUT, Leisure Lift PACE SAVER, Leisure Lift VIVA, Lintronics MX12310, Lithonia BL1228, Lithonia ELB1226, Lithonia ELB1228, Lithonia ELM10, Lithonia ELU23, Lithonia ELU8, Lithonia EMB2122801, Lithonia U128, Lithonia U131, Long Batteries U132, Long Batteries WPU132, Lumacell BA032, Lumacell RG12S360, MCI 5KVA041, MK Battery MU1SLDG, MK Battery U1SLDG, MK Battery U1SLDP, Mansfield 1300M INTRA AORTA BALLOON PUMP, Maximite 12V 31AH, Maximite 1801, Maximite 4000, Medical Resource AGM1234T, Medical Resource ODYSSEY 600, Medical Resource ODYSSEY 600HC, Motivator Scooters ALL MODELS, Motovator Scooters AGM1234T, Motovator Scooters AGM1248T, Motovator Scooters ALL MODELS, Mule 12GC160R, NAPA 8228, NCR 40960800, NCR 4960499 (500W), National Power Corp GT160S5, Newmax FNC12310, Newton Computers AGM1234T, Newton Computers ELAN, Newton Computers LARK 4300, Newton Scooters ELAN, Newton Scooters LARK 4300, No Boundardies AGM1234T, No Boundardies FEATHERLIFE, North Supply 782379, Ohio Medical Product 1000 OXY POWER SYSTEM INFANT WARMER, Ohio Medical Product 3300 INFANT WARMER AUXILIARY BATTERY, Ohio Medical Product INFANT WARMER 3300 AUXILIARY BATTERY, Ohio Medical Product OXY POWER SYSTEM 1000 INFANT WARMER, Ortho Kinetics Scoot AGM1234T, Ortho Kinetics Scoot BRAVO PONY, Ortho Kinetics Scoot BRAVO, Ortho Kinetics Scoot COLT, Ortho Kinetics Scoot ENCORE, Ortho Kinetics Scoot LARK 4300, Ortho Kinetics Scoot LARK, Ortho Kinetics Scoot MVP4233, Ortho Kinetics Scoot PONY, Ortho Kinetics Scoot SIERRA, Ortho Kinetics Scoot TRIUMPH TRI WHEEL, Orthofab AGM1248T, Orthofab VIP, PLD Concepts ULTRA DRIVE, PLD Concepts XPA1235C, PS12330, Panasonic KCA1233P, Panasonic LALC12V33AP, Panasonic LCL12V30, Panasonic LCL12V33P, Panasonic LCR12V30, Power Battery PRC1230X, Power Battery PRC1235X, Powersonic PS12280OLD STYLE, Powersonic PS12300, Powersonic PS12300U1, Powersonic PS12330, Powersonic PS12330NB, Powersonic PS12330U1, Powersonic STR112047, Powertron PS12230, Pride Scooters AGM1234T, Pride Scooters LEGEND, Pride Scooters PARTNER TRI WHEELER, Pride Scooters SC300, Pride Scooters SC340, Pride Scooters SHOPRIDER TRI WHEELER,  Pride Scooters SHUTTLE, Pride Scooters SHUTTLE TRI WHEELER, Pride Scooters SIDEKICK TRI WHEELER, Pride Scooters U1 GEL, Pride Scooters U1 SEALED, Pyrotronics 175083897, Quantum ES3012, Quickie Design AGM1234T, Quickie Design AGM1248T, Quickie Design BEC 40, Quickie Design QUICKIE 190, Quickie Design QUICKIE P100, Quickie Design STANDARD, Quickie Design TARGA 14, Quickie Design TARGA 16, Quickie Design TARGA 18, Quickie Design ZIPPIE P500, R&D 5395, Rabjor Scooters AGM1234T, Rabjor Scooters ALL MODELS, Rabjor Scooters SOLO, Ranger All Season 1X3, Ranger All Season 2X3, Ranger All Season AGM1234T, SBS S12310, SBS S12330, SLA12330, Saft PD12270, Saft SB1228, Saft SP1228, Sears / Craftsman 16375, Sears / Craftsman 16376, Sears / Craftsman 16481, Sears / Craftsman 16482, Sears / Craftsman AGM1234T, Sears / Craftsman AGM1248T, Shepard Meyra Wheelc 1986, Shepard Meyra Wheelc 3400, Shepard Meyra Wheelc 967, Shimadzu Instruments MOBILE XRAY,  Shimadzu Instruments WFLNC125 MOBILE XRAY, Shoprider AGM1234T, Shoprider AGM1248T, Shoprider TE778NBL, Shoprider TE888NB, Shoprider TE888NBL, Shoprider TE889DX, Shoprider TE889NB, Simplex 112047, Simplex 20819276, Simplex 4208A, Simplex 429115, Simplex STR112053, Sola Batteries 800A, Sola Batteries INTERACT5KVA, Sola Batteries SPS800A, Solo Products AGM1248T, Solo Products HIGH SPEED STEEP CLIMBER, Sonnenschein 0889562500, Sonnenschein 0890625, Sonnenschein 12V32AH, Sonnenschein 6KX44, Sonnenschein 95625, Sonnenschein A2000890625, Sonnenschein A212/28G6, Sonnenschein A212/32G, Sonnenschein A51230.0G6, Sonnenschein A51230G6, Sonnenschein DF45, Sonnenschein M84001A5120300G6, Sonnenschein NGA5120030HSOBA, Sonnenschein PS12330, Stand Aid Lifts AGM1234T, Stand Aid Lifts POWER DRIVE, Stand Aid Lifts POWER LIFT, Superior Electric BAT120030, SureLite 2624, SureLite 3907, SureLite ELU8, SureLite SL2624, System Power Special LCL12V33P, TNR Technical U131, Technacell EP12310, Technacell EPUPS31, Telesys DB1235, The Men Group AGM1234T, The Men Group PATHFINDER, Theradyne Wheelchair AGM1234T, Theradyne Wheelchair INSTIGATOR, Theradyne Wheelchair INVESTIGATOR POWER T BIRD, Topaz 1000, Topaz 1050, Topaz 10500002, Topaz 1050002, Topaz 12V 33AH, Topaz 1300VA, Topaz 8412601NN, Topaz 84130, Topaz 8413001NN, Topaz 8413046, Topaz LCL12V33P, Topaz MICRO2 1300VA, Topaz PS12300, Topaz R1234, Tripplite Batteries BP24V33, Tripplite Batteries SMARTUPS 1250XL, Ultra Lift 1500, Union Battery MX12310, Union Battery MX12310C Union Battery PW1231, Universal Battery UB12350, Voyager Scooters ALL MODELS, Westco 8GU1W

UPS Batteries:
Alpha Technologies
Best Power
Computer Accessories
Cyber Power
Data General
General Power
Hewlett Packard

PCM Power

PK Electronics
SL Weber
UP Sonic

Wheelchair - Scooter Batteries:
21st Century
Abec Wheelchairs
Adaptive Driving Systems
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Orthofab/Lifestyles (Fortress Wheelchairs)
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Win Med

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* Check the voltage, dimension and the terminal type of the battery you need before ordering.

* If you are not sure of what battery to order call us at Toll free: (877) 394-3941.

* Some systems may require additional connectors.  Existing connectors may be used if they are in good condition.

* Safety is the most important thing. Learn about battery safety before you install.

* Used batteries have to be disposed properly.

* We do offer free battery disposal service when you buy batteries from us.  In the comments section request for this service when you order.



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